The 10 in 10: The Final Episode…..Before The Season Finale

  • Jojo attends one of Lady Gaga’s seven Roseland shows
  • Chris Brown is shit out of luck, but Karrueche still loves him
  • One of Miley Cyrus’ beloved pups dies, but the show must go on
  • David Letterman is retiring and ______ will take his place
  • What the hell happened to Scandal?

Creating Our Own Culture: Untypeified


Once a month we shine a light on some kickass individuals who chose to delve into a creative endeavor because they felt their voice was missing from the mainstream.

What began as a class project has snowballed into into a website geared at reaching a much wider audience. It’s time to get familiar with Untypeified!

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The 10 in 10: Suddenly The Koons Is Us!


The latest episode of The 10 in 10! Lady Gaga played with vomit. Lindsay Lohan’s show is not fetch. Chris Brown is detrimental to his own career. The NFL is the worst and M.I.A. is the best. Le1f was on Letterman!

Seventeen magazine and teenie bop feminism


I’ve always been addicted to pop culture. Even before I started analyzing it critically, I was always an active participant. When I was younger I begged my mom for magazine subscriptions; I had them all. M, J-14, Word Up!, Popstar…. you name it and it probably arrived in my mailbox monthly.

The subscription that lasted the longest and made the most impact on me was for Seventeen. Seventeen magazine was a cut above all the rest. It gave you the inside scoop on your fave celebs, and it showed you how to style your hair, how to dress, and how to talk to boys.

It taught you how to be a teen girl.
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